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MD March Mayhem 😃

Pixham was nominated for the Mason Dixon Knitting March Mayhem. Using the basketball-style bracket system, designs that were published in 2018 are selected by popular vote and then entered into this fun tournament! Week by week, a knockout round moves your favourite designs further up the table. 


Update: We didn’t make it to Round 3, but hey…! 

Thank you all SO much for your support! Getting enough votes to take Pixham to Round 2 is an achievement in itself, so I am incredibly proud of that. I’ve never seen so much buzz around my designs - I mean, little ol’ me, just knitting in a corner here, then, bam!! It’s been wild. Thank you!  ❤️


Good luck to the remaining entries! There’s a few patterns in the bracket that I would love to knit. I’ve added them to my list and hopefully I’ll find time to knit them! 😃